Show Hours 2021

Tuesday Dec 14 & Wednesday Dec 15 hours are 9am – 4pm. Thursday Dec 16 hours are 9am – 3pm. Free Admission- Free Parking

New for the 2021 Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo

Promotional Opportunities


Promotional Opportunities


Title Sponsorship

This will make your brand part of the Expo and will give you inclusion in all marketing and publicity activities used by the show. These include outside and inside banner placement, website and social media presence, full page ad and cover banner in the official Expo program, sponsorship credit on all radio advertising, premium booth location, free 10×20 booth, PA announcements during the show, promotional material placement in welcome bags distributed to all Expo attendees.

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship

They keynote speakers for the 2021 Expo are both high-profile individuals who will draw a crowd. Machinery Pete is an expert on farm equipment, auctions, and prices. He reaches millions of viewers and readers each week through his syndicated television show, blogs, social media posts, and public appearances.  He will make two presentations during the show.  Chad Colby is a recognized expert on new technology. His nationally syndicated, television appearances and on-line newsletters have made him an authority on the practical application of digital and precision technology. An Illinois farmer, his presentations are entertaining, relevant, and practical.

As a sponsor, you receive signage in the seminar area at the show, promotional credit on all publicity, the opportunity to introduce the speakers. You will also be able to host a special, private, Meet and Greet session during the Expo with each keynote speaker to which you may invite your key customers.

Welcome Bag Sponsorship

Each attendee at the Expo will receive a special welcome bag containing the official show program and other premium gift items.  As the sponsor, you can contribute as many items as you wish. In addition, you will receive a half page ad in the Expo program, ads on the web site and social media, and sponsorship credit on Hoosier Ag Today farm radio programs.

Coffee Shop sponsorship

For the past few years, the coffee shop area at the Expo has been very popular. It provides a casual space for attendees and exhibitors to meet, relax, and discuss business or to just socialize.  Sponsorship includes signage in the coffee shop area and the ability to place promotional material on the tables in the coffee shop. In addition, PA announcements, web site and social media ads, and ad space in the official Expo program are included.

Health Table Sponsorship

With the heightened awareness of health and safety at public events, a special table will be set up at the entrance to make hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks available. As sponsor you will have the ability to place promotional material at this table and will receive signage. Sponsorship credit will also be given in the official show program and show web site and social media.

Video Screen Sponsorship

Several large video monitors will be strategically place around the Expo facility. As a sponsor, you will have the ability to have video playing during trade show hours.

Live Stream sponsorship

Several events at the Expo will be livestreamed. These include keynote speaker presentations, market outlook panel discussion, Soil Health and Crop chat podcast recordings done live at the show, and more. As a sponsor you will receive an on-screen logo, a video commercial aired at the beginning and end of the livestream, sponsorship credit in all print, radio, and digital promotion of the livestream.

For more information contact, Kim Stockment 765-588-1520  or

New Door Installed at Farm Show

The Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield has demonstrated their commitment to the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo by installing a new large entrance to allow farm equipment to be exhibited at the show.  Download PDF for more information.

Exhibitors Documents

Indiana Farm Documents PDF’s: 
(You can view documents at bottom of the page.)

Equipment and Technology Expo Contract 2021 page 1
Equipment and Technology Expo Contract 2021 page 2.

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